From large, 500+ circuit harnesses to small jumpers, Jana Diversity Solutions is capable of manufacturing high-quality, price-competitive products to meet your company's requirements. Our experienced leadership team has completed power and signal distribution systems spanning a wide range of market segments including: alternative energy, automotive, bus, construction/agriculture, marine, military and truck.

  • High to low-volume harness build quantities

  • Assembly of small to large harnesses (single circuit to multi-hundred circuits)

  • Gauge sizes from 22 to 10 AWG

  • Diverse insulation and core types

  • Ultrasonic or crimp splices

  • Mechanical build with electrical test capability

  • Or, electromechanical board builds

  • Harness braiding

  • Coax cables including Fakra connections

  • Insulation displacement crimps (Stocko & Lumberg)

Pilar builds high-volume (120,000 pcs/year), 3-circuit production wire harness for automotive application. 

Luis processes circuits on Komax

Gamma 263S

J-Dī operator builds low-volume (600 pcs/year), 108-circuit, metal-braided wire harness for automotive application. 


Tel:  [1] 248-798-3018

Chandler, AZ