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Based in Arizona, Jana Diversity Solutions, or J-Dī pronounced \ˈjā\ \ˈdī\, is a wire harness supplier with manufacturing located in a 39,200 square foot facility in Guaymas, Mexico. In addition to an electrical distribution system core focus, J-Dī also provides warehousing, customs and cross-border transportation services.     


Jana Diversity Solutions is a small company with BIG talent. We began manufacturing automotive wire harnesses in Spring of 2017 with our first project being an underhood CNG conversion harness for a tiered supplier on a US OEM vehicle. We provide the quality and delivery expected by the marketplace at a very competitive price, fueled by our low-cost overhead structure. While we have the capability to produce large, complex harnesses for various market segments, our focus in the automotive segment is the manufacture of tiered assemblies such as doors, headliners, mirrors, license lamps, shifters and other miscellaneous small to mid-size applications. 


Jana Diversity Solutions is a female-owned, female-managed small business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC) which operates primarily at the intersection of engineering, electrical systems and logistics. While J-Dī is new as of 2017, our team is comprised of field experts utilizing robust processes. Not only do we have the experience, we have the passion.  Give us a shot and we will outperform your current supply base. We are aiming to be your best supplier, not just your best diverse supplier.  

Introductory Video

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