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From large, 500+ circuit harnesses to small jumpers, Jana Diversity Solutions is capable of manufacturing high-quality, price-competitive products to meet your company's requirements. Our experienced leadership team has completed power and signal distribution systems spanning a wide range of market segments including: alternative energy, automotive, bus, construction/agriculture, marine, home goods, medical, military and truck.

  • High to low-volume harness build quantities

  • Assembly of small to large harnesses (single circuit to multi-hundred circuits)

  • Gauge sizes from 26 to 10 AWG

  • Diverse insulation and core types

  • Ultrasonic or crimp splices

  • Mechanical build with electrical test capability

  • Or, electromechanical board builds

  • Harness braiding

  • Coax cables including Fakra connections

  • Insulation displacement crimps (Stocko & Lumberg)

An operator is shown working a mylar construction board for one of our medium volume harnesses

Audencio processes circuits on Komax Gamma 263S

Process Engineer Carlos Olivarria (left) reviews the length of a harness with an operator and is confirming the harness is within the customer's specifications

The operator above is working our high volume harness sub assembly board with electrical holder capability.

An operator works our manual tube cutter.

Shown above is a J-Di operator utilizing the process of ultrasonic welding and heatshrink

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