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March 5, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Jana Diversity Solutions manufactures a Vehicle Fuel Control Harness for natural gas alternative fuel system manufactured by AGA Systems for select General Motors trucks. This complex harness was designed by J-Di in collaboration with AGA and has over 100 circuits and includes a braid. Our experience with J-Di has been very positive as the parts have always been delivered on-time and at a competitive price. Most importantly, the quality is top-shelf and the responsiveness on target.


Jay Mealey


December 2020

From current Con/Ag customer:

Throughout 2020, we have been happy with our partnership. All of the issues we have encountered over the course of the year have been our doing as we continue to navigate through a vendor transition. Jana Diversity has been very swift and thorough in addressing all of these issues. 


They have done a great job at navigating all of the complications this year has presented and that puts Jana Diversity on a very short list of vendors that have done so. 

October 2021

From current automotive customer:

Jana Diversity Solutions continues to provide high quality harnesses. They are flexible and accommodating to our requests. Melissa, Ariana, and the rest of the team are great to work with and offer excellent services. 

April 2022

From current home goods customer:

Our company is very pleased with Jana Diversity Solutions performance. Delivery is exceptional and quality is good.  Jana Diversity is easy to work with and has worked with us to manage material concerns through these difficult times. Jana Diversity's performance has led to increased business and we expect to continue to increase our business due to this high performance. 

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